CEO message

administrator_fullItema has always been an international group with a vocation for excellence and inventiveness. Now even more.

The reasons that made us change for the better are many: what we want our stakeholders to think of us, the values that have marked our long history, our continuous investment in research, our unyielding commitment to our customers. And the creativity that we put every day into designing and building our products.

We believe that every activity becomes creative when the person who realizes it takes a real interest in the difference between doing something well and doing something better.

Most companies go through periods of ordinary growth—ticking along a beaten track, making changes in small increments. Some companies are able to turn these into times of revolutionary bursts of growth, when a company invests all its efforts in making the most out of the the challenges and opportunities that the future envisages. These are the times in which companies can (and must) dramatically change themselves for the better.

To put our clients in a position to face the complex challenges of their own future, we have combined all our knowledge, experience and skills to make the machines that we send around the world truly extraordinary and real beacons of the “Made in Italy”. Ours are looms that make us proud.

The overwhelmingly positive response we received from the market, and the fabrics that our customers have been able to weave on our machines, assure us that our way is the right way. Therefore, we will carry on producing looms to be proud of for a long time to come, because, when it comes to doing them well and doing them better, we prefer the latter.