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Itema Lab

ItemaLab is the new milestone on Itema’s continued pursuit of excellence in the field of R&D that underpins the advanced weaving machines that Itema produces and sells all over the world. Starting in May 2014, ItemaLab opened its new premises and newly created R&D laboratory in Kilometro Rosso, the renowned Science & Technology Park just outside Bergamo, “our very own Silicon Valley” in the words of Itema’s CEO, Carlo Rogora.

ItemaLab joins a host of other multi-disciplinary and visionary companies working on advancing innovations across a number of industries with the aim of reaching new frontiers in science and technology. ItemaLab, Itema’s R&D incubator, is tasked with designing the weaving machine of the future in a purpose-built hub dedicated to cross-fertilization of ideas, experimentation and dialogue with the like-minded inventors from the worlds of academia, enterprise and science.

ItemaLab is one of the two R&D departments of the global weaving machine producer; ItemaLab is tasked with developing the revolutionary breakthroughs that could lead to the “loom of the future”. Itema also has another advanced research arm at the Corporate Headquarters working on continuously improving the existing weaving machines. The Italian privately held multinational invest every year 5–6% of its profits in R&D projects, more than any company in the industry. The Company launched a brand new portfolio of airjet weaving machines at ITMA ASIA 2014 in Shanghai and is gearing up towards ITMA 2015, the biggest textile machinery exhibition held in Milan next year.

ItemaLab has also recently joined the Intellimech Consortium for Mechatronics.




Itema Campus

Training is a key factor to learn how to safely operate and optimize loom performance.

Effective training provides safe, consistent operating procedures and promotes maximum performance and quality of the finished product.

Itema offers professional training courses for operators and maintenance personnel at the customer mill site and/or at Itema Service Centers located around the world.

Training centers Itema:

  • Colzate, Italy
  • Wetzikon, Switzerland
  • Shanghai, China
  • Coimbatore, India
  • Ibaraki, Japan
  • Spartanburg, USA




Itema Academy

Investing in your talent/ Weaving your career

  • Itema is an international Company specialized in providing best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services. Our Company is the only Company in the world providing the top three weft insertion technologies (rapier, airjet and projectile). Our rich heritage and our roots are linked closely with the development of the textile industry in the Bergamo area of Italy. Itema is part of the Radici Group of Companies, and has a long history made of successes and battles won in ever-changing market conditions.
  • We are constantly looking for innovative solutions for our weaving machines, to allow our Customers—in every corner of the world—to create and produce any kind of fabric. To achieve this target, we invest every year the 5–6% of our profits in Research & Development and strongly believe in investing also in developing the talent of our men and women.
  • Itema Academy—in partnership with Confindustria Bergamo Education—is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the best new graduates to start the career on the right foot, in a growing and dynamic multinational Company like ours. It represents the ideal chance to pursue a career seizing opportunities to grow into a successful multi-faceted professional inside a global Company devoted to innovation and to our employees.
  • We provide graduates with a well-structured and empowering training, which takes into account your aspirations and maximizes your potential. It consists of introductory and advanced courses followed by direct hands-on training in our main business functions (Sales, Marketing, Service, Quality, Lean Manufacturing and Planning). Itema Academy is a highly rated apprenticeship to create managers that can thrive in any business situation and can handle efficiently and effectively all of the most important aspects of managing a Company.
  • Our goal and promise to you is to provide you with the best of Itema’s expertise and resources and to give you the opportunity to cultivate your talent and turn it into a successful career.
  • For more information about Itema Academy or to submit your CV, write to