A9500e Airjet weaving machine

A sturdy and practical narrow machine designed especially for 2 colors weaving offering the best value for money combined with the perfect technical features and the highest speed in the commodity fabric market.

Lean and agile, the A9500e airjet gets top marks for user-friendliness and reduced downtime. The loom’s usability is further assured by the expert combination of exclusive Itema features, such as the Toy Beam Mounting (TBM), the mechanical RLD, the single hole relay nozzle and the pneumatic control optimized for 2 color weaving (2PC, 2 colors pressure control). The easy access to the machine is assured by features such no upper bar and no front cover. Other Itema innovations embedded on the A9500e a new and improved whip roller with double rotating rollers and a brand-new lubrication system.

By adding the A9500e in your weaving mill, you will experience first-hand the undeniable advantages, unparalleled quality and high performance at a cut-price value, all with the pledge and commitment of Quality, Reliability and Performance—QRP of Itema.