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R9500denim: the Denim Rapier Evolution

The Itema R9500denim sets a new benchmark in denim weaving, thanks to the innovative concept of a fine-tuned weaving machine packed full with all the technical and textile parameters specially designed to excel in this application field, guaranteeing:


    Maximum speed guaranteed by an avant-garde main motor with oil cooling and superior performance accessories


    R9500denim components are designed and optimized to operate in the most demanding weaving conditions around the globe. Maintenance costs are reduced by the latest mechanical and technical developments. R9500denim has the Itema QRP seal: 2 years warranty


    The unique Itema shed geometry, widely recognized as the best in the industry, guarantees excellent fabric quality, in terms of superior hand-feel, denim twill weave and uniform appearance. Compact and smooth denim surface and a darker color effect are undeniable characteristics of the denim woven with the Itema R9500denim


    The R9500denim is pre-set with all the specialized mechanical settings prepared to weave denim