Spare parts


Itema provides top-quality spare parts, upgrade and conversion kits, and spare parts assistance for your weaving machinery, and ensures a fast and reliable delivery service in more than 130 countries.


You can quickly and easily order spare parts either directly through our e-commerce platform, myItema, or by contacting your trusted Itema sales representative and/or local distribution agents.

Our OEM online shop, myItema, is an intuitive web-based ordering system that provides a simple, easy-to-use tool for our customers to browse through our online parts catalog, create a shopping list of parts required, and order parts online directly.  This system also provides the option to receive quotes prior to ordering and the ability to track the order progress and status online.

Furthermore, for large organizations, up to 5 user accounts are available, of which only one authorized to proceed to purchase. In this way, your weaving mill personnel and/or purchasing colleagues can prepare an order or a so-called wishlist, request an offer or prepare the shopping basket, and only one designated person who is authorized to purchase is able to place the order.

Last but not least, in myItema you can search for a specific part based on the part code, or with a few short clicks add from catalogue, add from an Excel file or add from a wishlist.  You can also browse through our online catalogues and manuals easily accessible based on the weft insertion technology (rapier, airjet or projectile).

If you would like to request a myItema account, please write to: today.



We operate two automated hubs dedicated to spare parts orders, one in Italy and one in Switzerland. Once you place an order for OEM spare parts, the order is automatically processed, based on your loom model and make, out of one of these two distribution centers. The order desk and distribution center based in Italy handles all parts requests for Itema models, as well as Somet, Vamatex, ex-Promatech looms. Out of our Switzerland distribution hub we handle all parts orders for projectile weaving machines and other previous models made by Sulzer / Sultex.



To ensure the high performance over time or to add / improve functionality to satisfy new market needs, it is possible to retrofit your existing weaving machines with specific upgrade & conversion kits aimed at bringing all the latest Itema innovations to you.  Whether you are looking to optimize machine performance, improve user-friendliness and ergonomics, reduce operating costs, or start the production of different fabrics, you can find your upgrade kit directly online in the myItema portal (registration required).






For any inquiries related to Spare Parts orders, Upgrade & Conversion Kits, pricing, delivery and availability, contact our dedicated Spare Parts order desks as follows:


for SOMET — VAMATEX — ITEMA branded rapier and airjet machines
Phone +39 035 728 3000

for all SULZER — SULTEX branded machines and ITEMA branded P7300HP projectile series
Phone +41 32 686 11 11