A9500p Airjet weaving machine

The new Itema A9500p is, no doubt, the race horse in our airjet portfolio. Born to run fast, A9500p comes fully loaded with Itema’s premium advanced features and sets a new benchmark for speed in your weaving mills.

Not only will the A9500p set you apart from your competitors by giving you the edge with faster and high-tech weaving mill operation, it will also help you save money by significantly reducing your costs. Cutting the power consumption by as much as 30% compared to previous models is now possible, due to a combination of features specially designed with the aim of providing you the most value. The saving is guaranteed by the iREED®, the new reed tunnel shape and new position of the relay nozzle which optimize the air flow in the reed channel for a higher efficiency weft insertion. The saving is also due to a reduced air pressure and the single hole relay nozzle, which, at the same time, greatly reduces the need for maintenance of your Itema airjet weaving machine.

The A9500p is standard equipped with Real Time Control (RTC), the patented system to reduce the air consumption optimizing the blowing and the digital Air Consumption Metering that gives you the real time access to air consumption data. Other premium features included are the automatic nozzle tank pressure setting on the console, and, last, but not least, the Itema Productivity Optimization System (iPOS) – the patented software to increase the productivity of the machine allowing you to produce more fabric.

Machine efficiency and superior fabric quality are furthermore ensured on the Itema A9500p by a brand-new innovation: the double tandem nozzles.

The double tandem nozzles guarantee a perfect distribution of the pushing force on the weft using a lower air pressure, thus leading to a double benefit: a reduced stress on the yarn allowing top fabric quality and the possibility to weave with a lower pressure ensuring energy saving.