Customers and Special Guests had the possibility to learn about, see and experience directly the latest-generation weaving machines running live during special events. Here below a glimpse of select events in the last quarter, as well as highlights of what is yet to come before the end of the year.


TechTextil India

13–15 September 2017 · Media coverage

Itema Switzerland Open House, Zuchwil

16 September 2017

ItemaCampus Lahore Grand Opening

4 October 2017 · Technology: A9500p and R9500p

Itema Golden Jubilee Party—Somet 50 Year Anniversary, Colzate HQ

14 October 2017 · Press release and video

Itema Innovation Roadshow & University Day, Vietnam

26–28 October 2017

Itema Innovation Roadshow, South Korea

21 and 28 October 2017

Itema Innovation Roadshow—AITEX, Spain

24 October 2017 · Technology: R9500

Itema Innovation Roadshow, Dhaka

11 November 2017

Itema Innovation Roadshow, Cairo

21 November 2017

Itema Open House and Golden Jubilee, Shanghai

28–29 November 2017

ITMACH—Ahmedabad, India

7–10 December 2017

Itema Innovation Roadshow, Iran

13 December 2017