• heavy and fancy denim, high end shirting and fashion apparel fabrics

R9000 Rapier Weaving Machine

With our new R9000 quality and affordability finally go hand in hand. The best balance between cost and perk that you can find on the market is now available.

The R9000 is an advanced machine, designed for easy use and maximum versatility to produce a wide range of quality fabrics.

Technical features:

  • Advanced machine, made with core components from Italy and assembled in China
  • Reliable and cost-efficient operation
  • Optimized open shed geometry enabling to weave excellent fabric whilst maintaining top loom performance
  • Sturdy, user-friendly weaving machine, with low vibration at high speeds due to heavy-duty frames and integrated sley cam
  • TurboProp system with less moving parts
  • Ultra light one piece SK Transfer System for high speed performance and less wear and tear
  • FPA Transfer System offers great versatility and a race board free of guiding elements
  • Reliable electronic NCP
  • User-friendly touch-screen with graphic capability