R9500p Rapier Weaving Machine


Since market launch end of 2012, the Itema R9500 has become an absolute best-seller and one of the most highly reputed and successful rapier looms in the history of weaving. Now Itema is ready to write a new chapter in the unbeatable success story of R9500 with an even more accomplished version, the R9500p – a premium weaving machine fully loaded with Itema innovations, and featuring a brand new Rapier 2.0. Specially designed to meet and exceed even the most demanding requirements of Customers competing in rapid- ly changing markets, and born to offer the perfect blend of ultimate versatility and productivity, the R9500p will make your weaving Better, Smarter, Faster.


The new R9500p with breakthrough, cutting-edge, innovative technical advancements makes your weaving mill a responsive tool, ready to face in real time every changing request always with a lowest common denominator: a perfect fabric quality, a strong point for us at Itema.


Versatile. Flexible. Effective. Now more than ever before.

With the Itema R9500p, weaving the most demanding styles, with a quicker style change, excellent fabric quality and enhanced machine performance is now a real opportunity.


R9500p features technical developments which ensure unbeatable machine performance.

Moreover, with the Itema R9500p, best-in-class versatility is now possible at higher speeds.

Itema R9500p: the ultimate match between productivity and flexibility.