A9500 Airjet weaving machine

The A9500, launched on the market at ITMA 2011 in Barcelona, combines the experience gathered in the past with the most revolutionary machine technology. Airjet A9500 defined a new benchmark with dependable, high speed performance, mass production, consistent fabric quality and versatility enabling the Customers to embrace rapidly changing market expectations.

The machine is robust and stable, operating with the lowest vibration pattern at high speeds. Positioned in the main lateral frames and precisely balanced, the sley motion is available by conjugated cams or by a crank mechanism, depending on the requirements of the Customer. Itema A9500 is the only weaving machine on the market that offers both options for the sley drive.

The A9500 offers a unique shed geometry. Positioning of the first frame closer to the reed allows a shorter stroke providing higher speeds and longer life cycles for heddles and harness frames. Longer weft insertion provides less tension on weft yarns, reducing stops and increasing efficiency.

The A9500 is an extremely versatile machine and can be supplied with a broad range of key configurations to successfully produce the most demanding styles. The cam sley drive optimized for wide machine combined with the new lateral & central independent selvedge devices and the lateral & central pneumatic tuckers for cut reed guarantee perfect quality in wide fabric applications and in double panel weaving.

The A9500 was received very well in some of Itema’s most important markets and the repeat orders of many valuable Customers worldwide demonstrate Itema airjet A9500 success.