Working with us means total adherence—through behaviour (what you say and what you do)—to our Code of Ethics, the principles and values underpinning it. This forms the backbone of the intangible assets that make us stand out.

Each individual’s talent and motivation help give the entire company a competitive edge and act as the keystone of the entire human resources management system.

This is why it is important for everyone to be responsible for his or her personal and professional growth, with the advantage of extensive training and career development programs.


If you are interested in working with us, please send your cover letter and CV to:

Group Head of Human Resources, Itema S.p.A.

Via Cav. Gianni Radici 4
24020 Colzate (BG), Italy

Phone +39 035 728 2217
Fax +39 035 728 2412


To apply for a position with Itema in Switzerland, please contact directly:

Head of Human Resources Itema (Switzerland) Ltd.

Allmendweg 8
CH-4528 Zuchwil SO

Phone +41 (0)32 686 1235
Fax +41 (0)32 686 1108

Learn more about Itema Switerland (in German language only)


To apply for a position with Itema in China please contact directly:

HR Specialist, Itema Weaving Machinery (China) Co. Ltd.

Ms. Qian Cui Zhen, Lucy
No. 2889/4-5, Shen Gang Road
Songjiang District
201612 Shanghai

Phone +86 21 6774 2618 168
Fax +86 21 6774 2608