A complete range of accessories to boost the performance of your Itema weaving machines, manufactured following the most stingent quality control principles.

Warp Stop Motions

Warp stop motions are used in extreme weaving conditions for maximum speed and productivity. Designed for this purpose, our functional and reliable warp stop motions are durable, compact and easily accessible.

Main features include:

  • Compact and sturdy structure / compatible with all weaving machines
  • Supports composed of light alloys and oval tubes in stainless steel, with a perfect surface finish, to reduce warp yarn friction
  • Contact bars made of antimagnetic stainless steel, insulated with polyester materials
  • Easy-to-see visuals with lights on left & right hand side in case of warp yarn failure

Heald Frames

Itema proficiency, with over thirty years of experience, in the Heald Frame Market is behind our successful Heald Frame design. Quality is built-in with state-of-the-art components and construction techniques that allow consistent performance in the most demanding environments.

  • Heald frames made from profiles 120 × 9.4 mm or 140 × 9.4 mm for nominal weaving widths of 1700 up to 4600 and easy-to-handle intermediate supports for widths of 2600 mm or wider
  • Stainless steel heald rods, suitable for flat steel healds, with either J or C shaped end loops
  • Distance between heald end loops / 331 mm (13 inches) or 382 mm (15 inches)
  • Sturdy corner connections, between frame profile staves and lateral supports to handle high loads and maximum machine speeds
  • High-strength materials and strict quality control for consistent, reliable performance
  • Easy use / low maintenance
  • Fit for use on all automatic drawing-in machines

Other Accessories

Please contact Itema Spare Parts Office for further information: