• Full range of denim fabrics

The Second Generation of the Itema Rapier Denim Weaving Machine

Now is the time. The world’s greatest denim mills are going to save money, produce quality fabrics, achieve the highest weaving efficiency like never before. A new generation of Itema denim rapier machine will push the boundaries of weaving due to never-seen in the industry innovations.
The new era of denim weaving starts now with the Itema R9500²denim.

The Itema R9500²denim features breakthrough devices and enhanced skills that put Itema—once again—one step ahead in the field of denim, guaranteeing an unrivalled competitive advantage in the market to denim mills running the new Itema machine thanks to tangible benefits ensured by brand-new innovations:


    1. iSAVER™ by ItemaLab
      Breakthrough mechatronic innovation to eliminate the waste selvedge on the left side of the fabric.
      No Warp and Weft Waste Leading to Unparalleled Cost Savings
    2. Energy Saving
      The optimization of the machine main mechanical components and lubrication system allows a considerable energy consumption reduction.
      Substantial Cost Savings
    3. New Tape-Hook System
      Redesigned and optimized, the tape-hook system provides the remarkable benefit of significantly extending components’ lifetime. The new Itema tapes developed by Lamiflex, an Itema Group company specializing in composite materials, feature an innovative configuration with a triple layer of carbon fiber.
      Maximum Components Reliability

    1. SK UltraLight Rapiers
      Specially designed to meet specific indigo fabric needs. The rapiers’ revolutionary design ensures their reduced dimensions and maximum lightness. Streamlined and lightweight, the SK UltraLight Rapiers provide a high-precision grip and guarantee superior textile performances.
      Superior Textile Performances
    2. Enhanced Itema Shed Geometry
      The worldwide recognized as best-in-class Itema Shed Geometry takes here a further step towards perfect fabric quality. In fact, the smallest shed opening in the market ensures unsurpassed denim quality, hand-feel and appearance.
      Unmatched Fabric Quality and Textile Versatility

    1. Optimized Ergonomy
      The R9500²denim features a lowered front frame to facilitate machine accessibility for the weaver when carrying out daily textile operations.
      Improved Machine Accessibility
    2. Itema Textile Help
      The NCP—New Common Electronic Platform features a new important tool for the weaver: the Itema Textile Help customized for denim fabrics. An advanced and at the same time intuitive troubleshooting software that supports the weaver with concrete solutions to easily and quickly overcome the most common textile difficulties that may occur during the weaving cycle.
      Real-Time Support to Weavers
    3. New Ergonomic Rapier Opener
      Allowing the weaver to carry out the necessary set-up operations in just a few, quick moves and without the need of additional tools.
      Easy Set-Up Operations
    4. ISD-Independent Selvedge Device
      The new design ensures reduced maintenance due to minimized dust accumulation.
      Reduced Maintenance