Technical fabrics and innovative fashion and home textile styles, ranging from refined lamé to high tenacity monofilament yarns, passing through bouclé yarns up to carbon, polyester and polypropylene tape.

Mono-rapier Weaving Machine UniRap

UniRap embodies versatility and provides endless weaving possibilities. Combining the advantages of a positive rapier weft insertion with the gentle yarns treatment ensured by the free flight transfer system, UniRap enables complex and creative fabrics weaving with practically no limitations.

The absence of the weft exchange thanks to the positive rapier weft transfer featuring an open patented rapier system allows the weaver to process the widest range of weft yarns with maximum textile efficiency.

Ranging from refined lamé to high tenacity monofilament yarns, passing through bouclé yarns up to carbon, polyester and polypropylene tape, UniRap provides the possibility to weave sophisticated technical fabrics and innovative fashion styles. Based on reliable and user-friendly electronic and mechanical platforms and providing excellent ease-of-use, UniRap clearly provides valuable benefits in terms of versatility, performances and reliability guaranteeing to quickly penetrate new market opportunities. The insertion cycle is electronically driven, including the weft clamping settings and the flexible electronic architecture offers real-time management of the on-board automated devices. Designed as an open platform, UniRap comes to the market in a variety of configurations enabling the weaver to create the perfect loom for his specific requirements, from standard versions with weft feeders up to 12 colors with Jacquard or dobby shedding machines for fancy apparel or furnishing to the single-color zero twist weft feeding for tape yarns up to 30 mm.

string(15) "TEXTILE MASTERY"
1 Positive Weft Transfer

The monorapier positive weft transfer enables the possibility to weave the widest range of yarns, ranging from high tenacity monofilament yarns to carbon tape and fibre and polypropylene tape.

2 Optimal Insertion System

The HF System with ribbon and no guiding elements in the shed ensures an optimal insertion of the most delicate or dense yarns.

3 Multiple Weft Feeding Configurations

  • Defiler version
  • 1 Color Derouler Version
  • Zero Twist Version

4 Multiple Options for Rapiers

  • Rapier G for standard yarns
  • Rapier P specifically developed to weave flat yarns

5 Powerful Electronic Platform

Reliable and flexible, the electronic platform is based on an open architecture thus allowing to manage in real-time all the machines parameters and the electronic devices equipped on the machine.

6 Interactive Machine Control

The full color touch-screen console represents the user interface ensuring remote machine control and access to machine data through network connection