A9500EVO Airjet Weaving Machine

Combining the highest speeds with perfect weft insertion and maximum components reliability is no longer a dream. The A9500EVO comes fully loaded with Itema’s premium innovations that set a new benchmark in air-jet weaving.Textile mastery is the real added value of the A9500EVO: Itema engineers focused in further improving the beating heart of the Itema air-jet technology. As a result, the new Itema EVO Pneumatic Platform ensures a full control of the weft insertion. The Itema best-in-class shed geometry is here supported by innovative nozzles to ensure unmatched fabric quality and textile versatility.Saving is guaranteed by iREED®, the Itema patented reed tunnel shape and position of the relay nozzle which optimizes the air flow in the reed channel for a higher efficiency weft insertion. The Itema patented software iRTC enables the ideal monitoring of the weft insertion cycle guaranteeing reduced air consumption and overruling of incorrect settings.The Itema iFAR – Filling Automatic Repair – provides automatic repair of short picks and restart of the machine, reducing machine downtime. Finally, the SKYFRAME heald frames ensure maximum reliability even when running at the highest speeds.Itema A9500EVO: maximum productivity without compromising on fabric quality and user experience.

1 EVOConsole

The latest generation EVOConsole with touch, full glass, capacitive display offers wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity and is prepared for data analysis and IoT functionalities.

2 MyWeave Logo MYWeave

MyWeave is the new Itema mill monitoring system that provides both textile and production parameters management.


iKNOW is the Itema software that contains all the Itema textile experts’ know-how collected on the field over the years. By entering the main data about the machine and the fabric to be produced, iKNOW returns to the user the essential set-up parameters, both textile and mechanical, necessary to facilitate the start-up of the machine and to reduce downtime. iKNOW, designed to make weavers’ life easier.

13 iFAR

The Itema iFAR - Filling Automatic Repair provides automatic repair of short picks and restart of the machine, leading to reduced machine downtime.

5 EVO Pneumatic Platform

The new Itema EVO Pneumatic Platform features a simple yet effective layout that guarantees perfect control of the air pressure and a furtherly optimized pneumatic speed response, resulting in the complete mastery of the weft insertion.

8 Weft Photocells for Full Width Reed

Itema proprietary technology, the new weft photocells have been developed to perfectly rule the weft insertion even in the event of colored and mixed yarns. The innovative sensor system ensures high sensitivity and easy adjustments, leading to excellent fabric quality and machine efficiency.

9 Best-In-Class Itema Shed Geometry

Providing the perfect combination of long dwell sley movement and optimized position of the heald frames, the Itema Shed Geometry delivers the unsurpassed control of the fabric appearance while providing economic air consumption and leading to superior textile mastery.

14 Bi-Power Stretch Nozzle

The Bi-Power stretch nozzle ensures perfect weft catching pick by pick. Compact, powerful and cordless, it allows air consumption reduction and increased fabric quality by keeping the weft perfectly straight in the fabric, leading to unmatched fabric quality and textile versatility.

4 iRTC

Itema developed and patented the software iRTC which, unique in the industry, controls and automatically adjusts the activation of the relay nozzles valves according to the tip position of the inserted weft thus leading to valuable advantages:

  • ECO-EFFICIENCY: air consumption reduction
  • TEXTILE MASTERY: iRTC controls in real-time the weft insertion and immediately acts in case of need
  • EASY WEAVING: adjustments and settings are significantly simplified

6 Double Tandem Nozzles

The Itema double tandem nozzles are the perfect solution to couple high textile performances and substantial cost saving. This effective solution brings two substantial benefits for the weaver:

  • superior fabric quality due to reduced stress on the weft which ensures a lower stop rate
  • significant cost saving thanks to the possibility to weave with lower pressure, resulting in an immediate reduction in air and energy consumption for the compressor’s operations.

11 iREED

The Itema reed tunnel shape in combination with the new single hole relay nozzles optimize the air flow in the reed channel for a more efficient weft insertion. The air consumption is up to 23% lower and the air pressure level required is reduced, leading to significant air and costs saving.

15 ACIMIT Green Label Certified

The ACIMIT Green Label Certification testifies on how the A9500EVO is an environmentally friendly machine by meeting stringent parameters.

7 EVO Main Nozzles

The EVO Main Nozzles feature a completely new design providing maximum ease of use and featuring a wider range of injectors to manage each different weft in a perfect way, even when weaving at the highest speeds.

10 Itema SKYFRAME Heald Frames

Itema proprietary technology designed by ITEMALAB® in cooperation with Lamiflex®. Thanks to a special design and to an innovative use of aluminium and carbon fiber, the Itema SKYFRAME® ensures superior lightness and sturdiness. Combining the highest speeds with reliability and resistance.

12 New Front Cover with Integrated Pushbutton Panels

The front cover has been completely redesigned to enhance ergonomics for weavers. Pushbuttons panels are now integrated into the cover and are easy to reach from different parts of the machine’s front frame, thus ensuring total control of the machine functioning in all weaving widths.