Itema has a rich heritage as a well-known manufacturer of textile technology.

Our international vocation combines Swiss precision with Italian creativity. Today, more than 300,000 Itema weaving machines produce fabrics around the world. The technological advancements underpinning the success of these machines draw from the long-standing experience of the historic brands that form Itema and employ the latest developments in the weaving machinery market.

The new Itema logo, released in 2012, has now become a beacon of quality and reliability—the product of the visionary fusion of the legacy and achievements of Somet, Sultex and Vamatex: three historic brands, three companies that have, over the years, marked innovation and success in the textile industry.

With the establishment of the Itema group as it stands today, our company is now on a path to consolidate our presence and establish ourselves as an undisputed leader in the weaving machinery market, with an unyielding commitment to our customers and to research, innovation and continuous development of our products.