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The Organization Model

Code of Ethics

Ethics can be defined as the set of moral and behavioral norms of an individual or group with reference to particular historical and geographical situations. In the business context, any behavior in line with the principles and values of the company can be considered “ethical”, which also integrates aspects of healthy and fair competition to the economic objectives, creation, and maintenance of a constructive and respectful relationship with internal and external interlocutors to the corporate structure, excluding opportunistic and market-damaging behaviors.

The Itema Code of Ethics aims to identify, formalize and disseminate the set of the aforementioned ethical principles and values which the Group is inspired by: its observance by the Recipients constitutes a fundamental element for the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of the Group itself. The target of drafting and disseminating the Code of Ethics is for Itema the sharing of its contents with the entire company population and with third parties who interact in various capacities with Itema, so that binding standards of conduct are identified for all internal or external subjects who operate within the Group, regardless of their role and hierarchical position. Itema undertakes to respect and enforce the Code, which represents a priority instrument of corporate ethics.

The preparation of a Code of Ethics also contributes to the implementation of an effective prevention, detection, and contrast to violations of the laws and regulatory provisions applicable to the Group’s operating sector. Finally, the Code is an integral part of the Organization, Management and Control Model, defined to prevent the offenses envisaged by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001 deemed relevant in the context of the Group’s activities.

Any doubts regarding the Code of Ethics or its applicability can be addressed to: compliance@itemagroup.com