D’Decor’s Mr Ajay Arora: “Trust in ITEMA Weaving Machines for Quality and Performance”

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Ajay Arora – Managing Director of D’Decor – and discover how Itema best-in-class weaving technology can contribute to a Company’s success.

Sometimes, business is more than a mere commercial exchange, but a real win-win relationship. This is the case with Itema and our loyal Customer – D’Decor – renowned worldwide for its sophisticated furnishing fabrics woven, since the company’s inception, on Itema rapier weaving machines.

Listening to Mr Ajay Arora, D’Decor Managing Director, you immediately feel what’s behind D’Decor success: the determination to offer its Customers only the best. And therein lies the profound link between D’Decor and Itema. The cooperation between the two Companies dates back to 1999, when D’Decor was founded in Tarapur, Maharashtra, India, starting its production of furnishing fabrics on the Itema rapier Super Excel. Since then D’Decor has grown to become the world’s largest producer of soft furnishing fabrics and has repeatedly shown its confidence in Itema by installing every year new weaving machines. In 2013, D’Decor was one of the first companies in India to install Itema’s latest rapier model R9500, testing its superior textile performances and higher machine efficiency and confirming – through several repeat orders – the choice.