Calendar of 2017 Itema trade shows/events:

Mark your calendars with the dates and locations of where Itema is waiting to meet you next from a list of specialized trade fairs and more customized events:


Sep 13-15 CAITME, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Sep 26-29 IFAI, New Orleans, LA, USA

Review of 2017 Events To Date:

Since the start of 2017, Itema has staged a number of events so far, including repeat Itema Innovation Roadshows in Bursa, Turkey and in Guangdong, China. More on this to follow in the future edition of the Red Dot News.

Jan 24-26 COLOMBIATEX, Medellin, Colombia
Feb 23-26 DTG, Dhaka, Bangladesh (Itema_DTG_Dhaka_PressRelease)
Feb 23-26 EgyTex, Cairo, Egypt
Feb 23-Mar 1 ACITF, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Mar 8-9 Itema Innovation Roadshow, Bursa, Turkey
Mar 22-25 Itema Innovation Roadshow, Pingdi, China
Mar 22-25 EGE TMF, Denizli, Turkey (Itema_EGE+KTM_TurkeyExhibitions)
Apr 4 Seminar ABTT (Brazilian Association of Textile Technicians), Sao Paolo, Brazil (by invitation only)
Apr 5-8 SaigonTex, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hall A1 – 1D12
Apr 6-8 KTM, Kahramanmaras, Turkey (Itema_EGE+KTM_TurkeyExhibitions)
Apr 19-21 IndoInterTex, Jakarta, Indonesia; Hall A2 – 126
Apr 26-29 IGATEX, Karachi Pakistan; Hall 2 – C211
May 9 Seminar ABTT, Brusque, Brazil (by invitation only)
May 9-12 TechTextil, Frankfurt, Germany; Hall 3.0 – D05
May 30 Seminar ABTT, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (by invitation only)

Review of 2016 Big Events:

Following the success of ITMA, the year 2016 brought us ever closer to our Customers with the three big appointments of ITM in Istanbul in June, ITMA ASIA/CITME in Shanghai in October and ITME in Mumbai in December. Moreover, in 2016 Itema rolled out a series of open houses and technology seminars under the banner “Itema Innovation Roadshow” with appointments with Customers and stakeholders around the globe from Bursa in Turkey to Kolhapur in India and from Xiqiao in China to Dhaka in Bangladesh.


ITEMA at ITM in Istanbul ITEMA at ITMA ASIA in Shanghai 2016 ITEMA at ITME Mumbai


Review of 2015 Big Events:

Every four years, the textile machinery industry comes together in the unmissable ITMA days. The year 2015 has seen the return of the ITMA show to Milan and it was a real success, overall and for us in Itema. In Milan, Itema Group showcased innovative weaving machines, the new MyItema spare parts portal and the latest developments in the real-time loom management system. With 13 looms at the trade fair grounds, of which 6 in the avant-garde Company stand and 7 in Partner stands, Itema was the most well represented brand and our looms – real stars of the show, demonstrating to technology buffs from all corners of the world the technical advantages and superiority of Itema-branded weaving machines.


ITEMA at ITMA 2015 in Milan