ITEMA exhibits at ITM 2016 in Istanbul (1-4 June), in the biggest booth of the weaving hall

Colzate, Bergamo, Italy – Itema, the world’s largest privately held provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, will exhibit at ITM 2016 at the Istanbul TÜYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center on June 1 – 4.

The only manufacturer in the world to offer the top three shuttleless weft insertion systems: rapier, airjet and projectile, the Italian-headquartered weaving machine major is present at ITM with the largest booth in the weaving hall (Hall 2, Booth 213). Itema will display four weaving machines, more than any other textile machinery exhibitor: one airjet and three rapier looms. A must-see display of innovations and technological prowess, Itema’s booth is the same avant-garde, modern and stylish design as at ITMA last November.

Mr Carlo Rogora, Itema Group CEO commented: “Turkey and the surrounding area represents for Itema one of the most strategically important regions in the world. We have been in these markets for more than 30 years and our technology is very well represented and loved by our Customers.  ITM follows closely in the footsteps of our Itema Innovation Roadshow in Bursa last April, where we presented first-hand the very latest developments to our Customers, and not only. We look forward to get another occasion to demonstrate to the widest audience possible why Itema technology is deservedly enjoying such a boom.”

Rapier R9500 and R9500p                                                              

On display at ITM are the R9500 – the most successful rapier machine in recent years – and the R9500p – the latest evolution launched at ITMA 2015, engineered for high speed and maximum performances. Both R9500 and R9500p are born out of half-a-century of expertise, know-how and excellence in rapier weaving technology of historic Somet, Sulzer and Vamatex brands.


The market demands improved versatility to produce increasingly innovative, cutting-edge fabrics using brand-new yarns.  Itema Rapier 2.0, available in both SK (with guided hooks) and FPA (free positive approach), is designed to enhance flexibility and to simultaneously guarantee unparalleled versatility, as well as greater ability to weave the widest range of weft yarns.

The Motorized Weft Cutter, an Itema innovation designed more than 15 years ago ahead of any other textile machinery supplier, ensures superior textile efficiency due to the possibility to set independent cutting times for each weft, leading to utmost versatility and reduced fabric waste. The Itema Rapiers 2.0 coupled with the Motorized Weft Cutter make the R9500 the most versatile and flexible rapier machine on the market.

The R9500 can weave the widest range of applications and, since 2015, is available in weaving widths from 170cm to 540cm, with the wider versions specifically developed to match demanding technical fabric market requirements.

The R9500 on show at ITM, sporting all the newest rapier developments by Itema, including the Rapier Weft Transfer 2.0, will weave one of the most popular applications in Turkey – shirting fabric with an exclusive design.


ITM will be the official debut in Turkey and Central Asia of the R9500p, the premium rapier machine by Itema first seen at ITMA in Milan. Running at real production speeds of 750 rpm, the R9500p offers the ultimate and unmatched solution in terms of machine speed, performance, efficiency and fabric quality.  The R9500p is equipped with SK Rapiers 2.0 for improved flexibility at the highest speeds and with the patented Itema Quick Frame Connection for a quicker and easier style change. A new main motor with oil cooling enables heat recovery thanks to the reduction of the motor temperature, making the R9500p more efficient. Last, but not least, the R9500p, like its sibling R9500, is the most compact rapier loom on the market, saving from 12% up to 27% floor space compared to competition – a significant advantage enabling textile companies to maximize the weaving space by installing more Itema machines.

Itema R9500terry: Weaving Terry Like Never Before

The third Itema rapier loom showing at ITM, and one destined to be a real star of the show, is Itema’s new R9500terry, an instant best-seller carrying on the rich heritage and reputation in terry weaving of historic Sulzer, Vamatex and now Itema brands. The Itema positive pile back rest roller, unique in the market, guarantees a significant optimization of the pile warp tension, drastically reducing the friction during cloth displacement. Driven by a single motor, the new pile formation unit ensures an easy pile height setting directly from the user interface, guaranteeing  superior fabric quality due to the pick-per-pick loop adjustment and cloth displacement up to 28mm (the most advanced in the market), leading to endless creative possibilities. The new ground back-rest roller, equipped with light weight cylinders and a load cell to control the tension, perfectly drives the yarn movement facilitating the shed formation. This innovative winning trio of advanced devices featured on the R9500terry provides unparalleled textile quality and utmost versatility.

 The airjet A9500: a rising star

The A9500 on display at ITM is enjoying a worldwide boom in demand due to growing number of enlightened Customers who understand and appreciate the unique winning characteristics of the Itema airjet machines. When developing new technological devices for its weaving machines, Itema focuses on most innovative tools with the highest added value for the Customer, to assure reliability, user-friendliness and reduced maintenance and operational costs. The A9500 is designed for high productivity, whilst ensuring reduced levels of energy consumption and guaranteeing air savings, as well as top machine reliability.

A popular recent trend to weave stretch and super stretch fabrics with dedicated weft yarns, inspired Itema to create and patent the innovative BLC – Brush Lycra Clamp – nozzle to weave elastic weft yarns. Thanks to the BLC nozzle, the weft is held without movable parts to ensure superior fabric quality and reliability.  Another Itema patented feature – the ELD Electronic Leno Device – with its innovative design, self-cleaning and no need to wind the leno spools, provides a perfect leno binding even at highest speeds, whilst reducing significantly operational costs.

Thanks to the electronic NCP New Common Platform, the new benchmark for reliability and easy control of all the technical parameters, the A9500 provides immediate, easy and perfect control of the weft insertion parameters.

Itema: Better, Smarter, Faster

“At Itema innovation is a must,” adds Mr Rogora. “We are the only Company in this sector to have 2 R&D departments. We remain focused not only on meeting and exceeding weavers’ needs, but on going beyond, anticipating future market requirements. We continue to concentrate our extensive R&D efforts on offering better, smarter, faster solutions, increased performances, unparalleled flexibility, reduced consumption and enhanced user-friendliness.”

During ITM, Itema will demonstrate the new Online Spare Parts Portal – MyItema – an immediate, easy-to-use tool dedicated to orders of Itema original spare parts. Mr Piero Colombelli, Itema Regional Head of Sales and in charge of Turkey market for more than 25 years, commented: “Original spare parts can substantially increase machine life span and efficiency, guaranteeing the highest return on investment. Itema supplies a substantial local spare parts stock in Turkey, in order to serve and accomplish in real time every Customer’s request.”

To learn more about Itema’s technological innovations, make sure to visit ITEMA Stand @ ITM: Hall 2, Booth 213.

ITEMA WEAVING MACHINES AT ITM 2016 (Hall 2, Booth 213):

  • Rapier R9500terry – 260cm – Terry
  • Rapier R9500p – 220cm – Super Stretch Denim
  • Rapier R9500 – 220cm – Stretch Shirting
  • Airjet A9500 – 220cm – Apparel