Itema wins prestigious Italian Mechatronics Award 2016

  • The Industrial Association “Unindustria Reggio Emilia” assigns to Itema for the 10th Annual Italian Mechatronics Award


  • Itema is chosen – among 5 other finalists – for its role as a leader in the global textile machinery industry and for the continuous investments in Research, Development and Innovation, of which the creation of ItemaLab, center for advanced reseach based at the Science and Technology Park Kilometro Rosso



Colzate, Bergamo, Italy – Itema, the world’s largest privately-owned manufacturer of best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and services, is proud to announce that it has received the 2016 Italian Meccatronics Award. Itema was selected among only five finalists in the contest organized by the Industrial Association Unindustria Reggio Emilia in collaboration with the Meccatronics Club and was bestowed the 10th edition of the prestigious nomination during an formal award ceremony held on June 23rd, 2016.


The Scientific Committee chose Itema for its visionary implementation of meccatronic solutions which are enabling disruptive advancements through the development of high-tech innovative weaving machinery solutions. The following is an extract from the official declaration of the Jury providing further justification for the award: “for its global leadership in the textile machinery industry – a highly competitive market in which Italy continues to be an important player. For having known how to develop, uniquely among its competitors, a complete portfolio of highly innovative mechatronic weaving machines for virtually every type of fabric and spanning all three top shuttleless weft insertion technologies (rapier, airjet and projectile) thanks to continuous investments in research and technological innovation. For having breathed life into ItemaLab, the advanced research and innovation center of Itema located in the Science and Technology Park KilometroRosso, and for having made its life mission to develop the “loom of the future” in order to revolutionize the weaving industry, a loom powered by artificial intelligence, able to self-adjust its operating and perfomance parameters.


Carlo Rogora, Itema’s CEO commented: “This marvellous recognition is akin to handing a well-deserved medal to each and every one of our researchers, engineers and associates. Just the fact that Itema was selected among many other forward-thinking companies as one of the very best and most worthy Italian companies in the field of meccatronic innovations was already a huge honor for us.  However, winning this prestigious award makes us extremely proud, especially if we consider the caliber of previous holders of the award, like Brembo.”


Mr Rogora continued: “Our main strategy in facing the increasingly competitive, ever changing landscape, has been and will continue to be driven by innovation.  Itema invests every year a substantial and constant portion of our profits in R&D.  Two years ago we made the decision to open ItemaLab and to make it the disruptive innovation hub of our company.  The ItemaLab taskforce of engineers focus solely and entirely on breakthrough, never-seen-before, game-changing innovations.  Mechatronics is one of the key elements of our strategy which helps us design and create intelligent weaving solutions, capable of simplifying and facilitating the daily work of weaving operators. The ‘loom of the future” is taking shape as we speak thanks in part also to our mechatronics efforts. Stay tuned for more Itema-branded innovations coming your way.”