RED DOT NEWS ITM 2018 Special Edition

Edition no. 2 of 2018




Itema at ITM 2018

At Itema we take exhibitions seriously. We believe that these events are not merely business related occasions, but a moment to bring directly to our Customers our innovations, our technology and, most importantly, our way to do things. We seize the opportunity to proudly bring to our guests’ attention all the accomplishments since the last time we met. We put all our efforts in providing the most comfortable environment and we work hard on every single detail. We choose carefully which machines we will showcase starting from an essential criterion: design a machines’ line-up that meets exactly the market request to allow our visitors to immediately understand the superior capability of our technology in the field of their specific interest. Nothing is left to chance; everything is developed to give you a unique and interesting experience. An important exhibition is waiting for us in Istanbul where from the 14th to the 17th of April we will participate in ITM 2018.





ITEMA R95002denim:

The Second Generation of the Itema Rapier Denim Weaving Machine

Now is the time. The World’s greatest denim mills are going to save money, produce quality fabrics, achieve the highest weaving efficiency like never before. A New Generation of Itema denim rapier machine will push the boundaries of weaving due to never-seen in the industry innovations. The new era of denim weaving starts now with the ITEMA R95002denim.




The saving that you never expected

Since ever rapier weaving technology implicates warp and weft waste formation at both fabric sides. But today, Itema changes the rules of the game. ItemaLab™, the Itema Advanced Innovation Department, developed a breakthrough device – iSAVER™ – able to completely eliminate the left-hand weft waste, leading to unparalleled benefits.



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Special Turkey Review


 Berteks Tekstil 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Berk Noyan – Berteks Tekstil President

Berteks Tekstil is family-run company established in 1922 that has steadily grown to become one of the most important European producers of sophisticated curtain fabrics.




Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Mustafa Buluntu – Koton Chairman of the Board

Kahramanmaraş region is one of the richest Turkish textile basin and Koton perfectly fits in this scenario. Established in 2011 by three partners and producing the widest range of cotton fabrics, Koton is today an advanced textile company and not only from a manufacturing point of view.




Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Zafer Katrancı Chairman of the Board of Directors

One of the 500 biggest enterprises in Turkey, Ozanteks is producing since 1973 premium home textile fabrics.


 RB Karesi 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Hüseyin Koç RB Karesi Weaving Manager

RB Karesi approaches every step of its integrated textile manufacturing company in a meticulous and effective way.



 İpeker Tekstil 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr İhsan İpeker – İpeker Tekstil Managing Director and Board Member

A future-oriented Company. This is the best description that one can give about Ipeker, the textile company based in Bursa than since 1930 manufacturers innovative and creative high fashion fabrics for worldwide renowned brands and that today represents one of the few “vegan” companies in the weaving landscape.


 Osman Canlı Tekstil 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Celal Canlı, owner and director of Osman Canlı Tekstil

The partnership between Osman Canlı Tekstil and Itema dates back to 2002, when the leading Turkish company installed the first lot of Sulzer rapier machines to produce high quality bed sheeting, home textile and, later on, apparel fabrics.


 Sürü Tekstil 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Mehmet Ali Sürü, owner and director of Sürü Tekstil

The art of transforming raw materials into exceptional fabrics doesn’t apply to everybody.
Especially when the whole process is driven by a single, fundamental criterion: efficiency.



 Yedeks Tekstil 

Meet our Brand Ambassador Mr Seyfi Başer Yedeks Tekstil Owner

When reputation in the market comes before profits – as it is in the words of Yedeks Tekstil owner Mr. Seyfi Başer, you expect a company organized exactly as Yedeks is.


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