RED DOT NEWS Springtime

Edition no.1 of 2017

Welcome to Red Dot News, Itema’s Customer Newsletter dedicated to valuable, unique and highly appreciated Customers and Partners all over the world – that means you.

We are thrilled to re-launch our Customer Newsletter. Following in the footsteps of the well-known and much-loved historic publications, such as the “Weavers Digest” of Sulzer, the “Primo Piano” of Somet and the “Vamatex World” of the eponymous Italian company, we are fully aware of the strong legacy we have to carry forward. In fact, after the successful merger of Somet, Sulzer and Vamatex – into what is now the largest privately held supplier of best-in-class weaving machines, Itema proudly accepts the challenge and eagerly looks forward to building on this time-honoured tradition and re-establishing a direct and meaningful connection with you.

Red Dot News will bring to your doorstep on a quarterly basis our news about the Company, Technology, Customer success stories and much more. Stay tuned, happy reading and drop us a line at to tell us what you think.


Message of the CEO

It has been already five years since I joined the Company. I wanted to share with you the sense of achievement I feel when I look back at how the Company has changed over these years.
The milestones are too many to mention, but center stage are our new product launches, market share gains across all the three weft insertion technologies (N.B. Itema is the only brand that offers the top three technologies for weft insertion: rapier, airjet and projectile), and the far-reaching Company turnaround.

We have completely re-designed our production by implementing Lean Manufacturing across all our sites. We have invested non-stop in innovation and automation. Our innovation hub, the ItemaLab, was awarded the 2016 Italian Mechatronics Award for the advanced research efforts and the progress towards the “loom of the future” project. We streamlined our product portfolio, every year launching new weaving machines as a result of more innovations and less time-to-market. In fact, our new “entries” have consistently made history with overwhelming market acceptance and high rates of repeat orders.

The whirlwind growing acceptance of our technology is proof that innovation, coupled with strong know-how, does pay back. We remain focused not only on meeting and exceeding weavers’ needs, but on going beyond, anticipating future market requirements. With our shareholders’ full-fledged support, we continue to concentrate our extensive twin-R&D department efforts on offering better, smarter, faster solutions, increased performances, reduced consumption and enhanced user-friendliness.

And this year especially, as we celebrate the important landmark of the 50th anniversary of our first rapier loom, we aim even higher, to be closer than ever to you, celebrating our past and building together our future.

Carlo Rogora, Itema Group CEO



R9500denim: the Denim Rapier Evolution. Unique in the industry, Itema launched in 2016 a fined-tuned machine designed to excel in the weaving of Denim fabrics.

At ITMA Asia 2016 in Shanghai Itema unveiled the R9500denim – a brand-new product concept dedicated exclusively and especially to denim mills in search of customized solutions to enable them to respond faster, more effectively and efficiently to changing denim trends with versatile, high-performance, ad-hoc machinery.