Edition no. 1 of 2018

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2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog in Chinese horoscope and the key action word associated with this particular zodiac sign is “action,” which characterizes well Itema. In this first edition of the Red Dot News 2018, you will read some of the actions we are continuing to take inside the Company to make our organization more nimble, more responsive and more flexible to not only meet and exceed your needs, but to anticipate how your needs may change in the future.

From the section “Company Investment” where you will learn about our looms taking shape in the 4.0 era, to the events foreseen for this year, to our airjet technology deep-dives, Itema is here for you to be discovered. Not only this. We are happy to share with you our newest company video—our values and principles that drive us to be the best that we can be in order to produce the absolute top technology for you, our valuable Customer. Better, smarter, faster. Because those who seek perfection, never stop, never.

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ITEMA AIRJET A9500 & A9500p:


Benefits of airjet weaving technology, namely mass productivity and reduced employment costs, are evident and commonly recognized. But, as it does in every field, quality matters. And here lies the reason why Itema defines its weaving machines as tools for its Customers, where “the only thing more amazing than our technology is what weavers do with it” to communicate that, if performances are important, what matters the most and finally gives a competitive advantage to fabric manufacturers is precisely the fabric quality, a concept that refers to no defects, hand-feel and appearance of the fabric itself. Itema has an unmatched superiority in the market in providing the best textile versatility and superior fabric quality, due to its traditional approach of developing advanced and unique weft transfer systems with a life-long dedication and shared passion for textiles.