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The unique airjet weaving machine exclusively dedicated to Bed Sheeting

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Smooth, cool and comfortable against the skin. Made of a variety of fibers, including linen, cotton, synthetics – often blended with natural fibers such as cotton – and occasionally silk. Bed linen represent a fundamental element in all of our lives.

Itema, working closely with leading worldwide bed sheeting weavers, developed an airjet weaving machine specifically designed to weave these sophisticated fabrics.

Finally, the world’s greatest bed sheeting mills have the chance to produce their widest bed linen collections on the perfect airjet machine born to accomplish all their goals.

The Itema A9500²bedsheeting ensures the highest weaving performances, superior fabric quality and the lowest running costs thanks to brand-new Itema innovations.

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1 SKYFRAME by Itemalab™

Itema proprietary technology. Thanks to a special design and to an innovative use of aluminium and carbon fiber, the Itema SKYFRAME ensures superior lightness and sturdiness.   Combining the highest speeds with reliability and resistance.

2 New Machine Structure

Thanks to the main machine structure optimization, the A9500²bedsheeting features brand-new sley drives cams that guarantee a longer dwell leading to no stress on weft yarns even when running at the highest speeds.   Optimal Weft Insertion at the Highest Speeds.

3 Optimized Pneumatic Platform

Redesigned and optimized to further improve the weft insertion, the new pneumatic platform allows a quicker system responsiveness when handling air load and pressure. Moreover, air tanks find now their place in specific cavities located in the main machine frame leading to no vibrations and to increased reliability.   Optimal Weft Insertion Cycle Control.

4 New Main and Tandem Nozzles

The main and tandem nozzles have been redesigned to ensure enhanced efficiency when handling medium and fine counts yarns normally used in high-end bed sheeting production. The new nozzles design allows a reduced pressure avoiding yarns breakage even when running at the highest speeds.   Unmatched Fabric Quality and Textile Versatility

5 Best-In-Class Itema Shed Geometry

Providing the perfect combination of long dwell sley movement and optimized position of the heald frames, the Itema Shed Geometry delivers the unsurpassed control of the fabric appearance while providing economic air consumption.   Superior Textile Efficiency.

6 iFAR

iFAR – Filling Automatic Repair provides automatic repair of short picks and restart of the machine.   Reduced Machine Downtime.

7 iRTC

The Itema patented RTC (Real Time Control) software comes here in a new advanced version. Featuring further improved functionalities, the iRTC ensures the optimal monitoring of the weft insertion cycle by automatically minimizing relay nozzles blowing time by independently setting the timing of each valve for the latest opening and the earliest closing.   Reduced Air Consumption and Overruling of Incorrect Settings.

8 Mobile Pneumatic Tuckers for Full Width Weaving

The innovative device movement provides the weaver the valuable advantage to avoid reed cutting. Thanks to the Mobile Pneumatic Tuckers, it is possible to weave with the full width reed without cutting it to fit the style.   Reduced Spare Parts Stock.

9 Optimized Ergonomy

The A9500²bedsheeting features a lowered front frame to facilitate machine accessibility for the weaver when carrying out daily textile operations.   Improved Machine Accessibility.