• technical fabrics and high class denim applications

P7300HP V8 Projectile weaving machine

The P7300HP is a high-performance, all-purpose projectile weaving machine. It is unique in the world.

With the P7300HP you can fulfil any and all of your various requirements with utmost precision and individual flair. The mature projectile weft insertion technology is suitable for any weft material: from spun yarns made of natural and manmade fibres to filaments and tapes.

Technical features:

  • Weft yarn is positively controlled during the complete insertion circle
  • Zero weft yarn waste
  • Sturdy machine construction
  • Best long term investment, keeps high residual value
  • Lowest energy consumption among all weaving systems
  • Customized upgrade kits available
  • Optimized usage of weaving room floor space
  • Available from 220 cm up to 655 cm, unique among all competitors