Designed to excel in the weaving of all technical textiles’ fields, including the heaviest and coarsest fabrics:

  • Agrotextiles
  • Coating Fabrics, standard and heavy
  • Conveyor Belts, standard and heavy
  • Filter Fabrics, standard and heavy
  • Fiberglass
  • Geotextiles
  • Mesh Fabrics
And many others

Hercules Rapier Weaving Machine

Offering both negative and positive rapier transfer systems, Hercules represents the perfect combination of mechanical sturdiness and textile efficiency ensuring the greater profitability in the market.

Hercules is the ideal weaving machine to easily produce any kind of technical fabric thanks to its superior ease of use and flexibility. The sturdy yet flexible machine structure ensures the maximum reliability leading to enhanced production capability.

One of a kind on the market, Hercules provides unbeatable textile flexibility thanks to its unique weft transfer system that enables the valuable possibility to easily and quickly switch from positive to negative rapiers, thus leading to unparalleled textile efficiency when handling the widest range of weft yarns counts in single or multiple weft insertions configurations.

Moreover, the take-up system skilfully handles both extremely coarse and super light fabrics.
Hercules, available in weaving width up to 6200 mm, effectively weaves even the heaviest technical fabrics.

1 Exclusive Positive and Negative Weft Transfer

Unique in the market, Hercules offers the advantage to have in a single weaving machine the best benefits of the positive and negative weft transfer. Unmatched Textile Flexibility and Top Productivity

2 Exclusive Shed Geometry

The reduced shed opening dimension guarantees minimal warp peak of tension Superior Fabric Quality

3 Powerful Beating Force

Hercules offers multiple machine versions according to the fabric structure. The beating force ranges from up to 3 tons in standard machine configuration to 4.5 tons for Hercules 4.5 machine version. Widest Textile Range

4 Compact and Sturdy Machine Structure

Hercules provides the benefits of a sturdy structure without sacrificing compactness. The flexible tapes system, in fact, ensures reduced machine footprint thus saving space on plant layout. Space Saving and Efficiency

5 Effective Weft Yarn Selector

The Hercules weft yarn selector has been designed to provide gentle yarns control with a reduced weft yarns peak. The Weft Yarn Selector features a movable cut specifically engineered to reduce the waste selvedge. Textile Efficiency and Waste Reduction

6 Smart Weft Cutter

The Hercules weft cutter has been designed to reduce, as much as possible, the waste selvedge. Moreover, in case of 2 colors weaving, with specific weft yarns and dedicated accessories, it is possible to completely eliminate the LHS waste selvedge. Cost Savings and Waste Reduction

7 Direct Drive Technology

The direct drive motor ensures reduced maintenance and maximum user-friendliness. Reduced Maintenance and Enhanced Textile Settings

8 Armotion Independent Motor for the Shedding Machine

Thanks to Armotion, the second motor for the dobby or the Jacquard, the set-up of the shed closing timing is electronically adjustable directly from the machine console and machine’s vibrations are significantly reduced. Time saving and Enhanced Textile Efficiency

9 User-friendly Machine Console

The machine console—featuring a wide, full color, touch screen—is intuitive and interactive providing the whole machine control. Maximum Ease of Use

10 Remote Diagnostics

The advanced remote diagnostics system Site Manager represents a realtime support for the weaver by allowing the Itematech technician to easily access the machine parameters no matter where it is installed in the world. Real Time Technical Support