• all textile applications

R9000²: The Second Generation of the most successful Itema rapier machine assembled in China

R9000² comes in a fully revamped version loaded with the latest technological optimized components and mechanical highlights leading to significant energy saving and performance improvements compared to the previous model.

The R9000 Second Generation will set the machine even further apart from its competition due to tangible and substantial benefits for the weaver in terms of cost savings, un paralleled performances, superior fabric quality and outstanding user experience.


  1. Energy Saving
    The optimization of the machine main mechanical components and lubrication system allows a considerable energy consumption reduction.
  2. Multiple Choice for Weft Cutters:
    1. Mechanical Weft Cutter: Reliable and effective also in the most demanding weaving conditions;
    2. ROTOCUT Weft Cutter: Newly designed and featuring a rotary blade, it allows a perfect cutting time –at the same moment- of the filling yarns ensuring best results and optimal efficiency;
    3. Motorized Weft Cutter: Ideal solution when weaving complex styles and/or multiple weft configurations, providing unbeatable versatility and textile efficiency.
  3. QRP
    2 years warranty.


  1. Available Weft Transfer System
    1. FPA – Free Positive Approach Weft Transfer System
      No guiding elements in the shed and no friction on warp yarn for perfect fabric quality.
      Optimized Design.
    2. SK Weft Transfer System
      Designed for high speed and versatility, thanks to its exclusive ultra-light,ceramic coated rapier heads.


  1. Optimized Ergonomy
    The R9000² features a lowered front frame to facilitate machine accessibility for the weaver when carrying out daily textile operations.
  2. Latest Generation Touch-Screen Console
    The Itema Electronic NCP – New Common Platform – comes here loaded on a high-performance, super sensitive touch-screen console.
  3. New FPA Ergonomic Rapier Opener
    Allowing the weaver to carry out the necessary set-up operations in just a few,
    quick moves and without the need of additional tools.