R9500terry Rapier Weaving Machine

Breakthrough innovations. Technical superiority. Unmatched reliability.

The new Itema R9500terry has been developed to set a new benchmark in weaving terry, with the aim to provide the market with a weaving machine which finally combines utmost quality and versatility with efficiency and usability of the machine.

Itema the first and foremost rapier terry loom producer, carries on the excellence in terry weaving of historical brands, Sulzer and Vamatex.

Besides this strong inheritance, what makes R9500terry an extraordinary weaving machine for terry weavers are three exclusive key factors:

  • R9500terry builds on the success of its predecessor Silver DT, the most popular rapier terry loom in recent years with more than 5.000 weaving machines running around the globe
  • The machine’s sturdy structure and the advanced technology come from the Itema absolute best-seller, the rapier R9500, a market phenomenon now also for the benefit of terry weaving
  • Itema’s cutting-edge R&D worked with the final goal to meet and exceed the exact requirements of Customers, both when it comes to current needs and future desires

The beating heart of the R9500terry lies in its technological prowess which makes the machine the most advanced terry loom in the market by far. R9500’s unique features have been implemented on R9500terry to maximize efficiency, speed and reliability, such as the Turboprop—the exclusive rapier drive system, the Direct Drive Motor—a unique motor for easy operations and settings, and the innovative SK rapiers.

The textile quality is enhanced due to a winning trio of innovative devices: the new positive pile back-rest roller, the new pile formation unit and the new ground back-rest roller.

If your target is an advanced, innovative, highly reliable terry weaving machine ready to unleash your designers’ talent and creativity, the R9500terry is the right choice for your weaving mill.

Itema R9500terry, made for Weaving Terry Like Never Before.