Itema is the only manufacturer in the world to provide the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile, with an ample product portfolio and a commitment to continuous innovation and technological advancement of its weaving machines. The Company guarantees the right weaving machine for a wide range of woven fabrics: from commodity to high-end fashion to industrial fabrics; Itema has the right weaving machine for your application!



Itema offers a comprehensive portfolio of rapier weaving machines, including the absolute best-seller, the R9500.

Our rapier weaving machines offer our Customers a number of unbeatable advantages, such as: high versatility of fabric and patterns and best-in-class technological advancements.

Moreover, Itema’s rapier looms offer by far the widest application range, perfect fabric quality, sturdy and high-precision machine frame, lowest vibration patterns at highest speeds, a powerful NCP electronic platform and reduced number of parts.

Discover for yourself the unique value propositions of each of our rapier looms and contact an Itema Sales Team representative today to become part of the overwhelmingly positive success story of Itema’s rapier weaving machines!


Itema is proud to present the latest technological breakthroughs in airjet weaving which now complete our range of airjet weaving machines, providing the right weaving machine to fit perfectly every need of our valuable Customers.

Distinguished from the competition and unique in concept, Itema’s A9500 new airjet portfolio excels through its simple yet efficient design. We listened to our Customers to deliver the maximum in user friendliness, versatility, reliability, efficiency and performance.

Based on the already successful A9500, Itema launches two new airjet models designed for maximum performance: the A9500e, a sturdy essential machine offering the best value for money and the A9500p, the most innovative airjet machineoffering the highest operating speed on the market.

Our A9500 complete portfolio defines a new benchmark in airjet technology with dependable, high speed performance, consistent fabric quality and the versatility to change with market expectations. Moreover, a significant percentage of mechanical and electronic parts are fully interchangeable with our rapier models, thus reducing spare parts cost for Customers with both technologies.

Without exception, the A9500 cubed portfolio is better than “State-of-the-Art” when it comes to airjet weaving, whilst at the same time giving you the ultimate choice in best value for money A9500e, best versatility in the market A9500 or best speed A9500p.

Whether you are looking for enhanced usability and user-friendliness, increased versatility, reduced consumption or superior performance and top speed weaving, Itema has got the right airjet weaving machine for you.


The mature projectile weft insertion technology is suitable for any weft material: spun yarns made of natural and manmade fibres, filaments, or tapes.