When innovation goes hand in hand with Sustainability

Since ever rapier weaving technology implicates warp and weft waste formation at both fabric sides. But today, Itema changes the rules of the game.
ItemaLab®, the Itema Advanced Innovation Department, developed a breakthrough device – iSAVER® – able to completely eliminate the left-hand weft waste, leading to unparalleled benefits.
iSAVER® is based on the latest and most advanced mechatronic principles which provide weavers with a highly innovative, yet intuitive and simple-to-operate device where set-up is possible directly from the machine console. Moreover, the device does not hinder in any way the operating speed of the loom and in case of fabric width adjustments the iSAVER® stays in its position since the weaver just needs to work on the right side of the fabric by setting an asymmetric width reduction.

Working up to four weft colors/yarns, iSAVER® features four small clamps that hold the yarn during the weft insertion cycle and that move according to the weft that has to be inserted in the fabric. By inserting the weft yarns in the fabric without the need of additional yarns, the iSAVER® eliminates the false selvedge on the left side of the fabric significantly reducing raw material waste leading to never-seen-before cost savings and setting a new benchmark in sustainable weaving.

Just consider that the weaver will gain in average a saving of € 2.000 per year per machine, and our planet will gain even more. In fact, for the first time in the weaving industry, a sustainable approach when choosing the weaving equipment is now possible. Thanks to iSAVER®, 1.000 Kg of cotton per machine per year – the 3% of the total raw materials – will be saved, thus avoiding the waste of 20 million liters of water.

Numbers are clear: the introduction of iSAVER® clearly sets a new benchmark in terms of sustainability within denim fabric production meeting the requirements of the most famous fashion brands which are more and more oriented towards a sustainable fabric manufacturing. Furthermore, the iSAVER® is one of the key features of the Itema R95002denim, the rapier weaving machine born and designed to weave denim guaranteeing to weavers superior textile quality, outstanding user-friendliness and tangible energy and raw materials saving.