TRAINING @ Itema Campus

Training is a key factor to learn how to safely operate and optimize loom performance.
Effective training provides safe, consistent operating procedures and promotes maximum performance and quality of the finished product.

In 2015 we launched in our HQ in Italy our brand-new highly technological training center: Itema Campus.
A fully functional space equipped with the latest weaving machines models to give our Customers a warm welcome and the right environment for their learning with skilled Itema technicians trained to teach the most demanding technical staff on how to maximize the performance of the Itema machines.
An intensive course to acquire all the necessary technical and textile knowledge to get the most out of the Itema weaving machines.

Itema offers professional training courses for operators and maintenance personnel at the Customer mill site and/or at Itema Campus and Training centers located around the world.

Choose your training

  • R9500
    Rapier Weaving Machine
  • A9500
    Airjet Weaving Machine
  • R9500terry
    Rapier Terry Weaving Machine
  • P7300HP V8
    Projectile Weaving Machine
  • Other Machine Models
  • Basic Textile Training

Itema Campus & Training Centers Location:

  • Italy
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • USA
  • Pakistan