Loro Piana

Loro Piana, an iconic brand that brings together the best of Made in Italy. And that meets even the most demanding expectations, from all points of view.

Located in the lush hills of the Sesia Valley, the group’s weaving plants represents real masterpieces of efficiency.
What makes the Loro Piana weaving plants perfect examples of the Italian textile production is not only the precious fibers they manage, but the strong textile tradition and expertise of the weaving team that pays attention to every single process detail.
The Itema rapier weaving machines installed in the Quarona and Borgoseisa plants weave – with efficiency rates that exceed 95% – mixtures of the very finest yarns, such as silk and cashmere, fancy wool, linen and pure silk to create the amazing fabrics that each new collection enchant worldwide fashion aficionados.

Every loom manufacturer’s dream is to build weaving machines capable to unleash weavers’ creativity allowing them to process the most famous fibers at the basis of memorable fabrics.
Counting a company like Loro Piana among our valuable Customers, we see our mission accomplished. Admiring the Itema rapier R9500 and R95002 masterfully prepared by the Loro Piana weavers producing some of the most renowned and sought-after fabrics in the world repays the effort and renews our dedication to manufacturing weaving machines with the target to inject new boost to this fascinating industry to which we belong.