Itema exhibiting futuristic innovations at Italian Design Icons in Shanghai

Itema, the leading global provider of advanced weaving solutions, including best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services, has received the honor to participate at Italian Design Icons 2019, held from November 15th to 17th in Shanghai.

An idea of DP Group, together with ideaPod The Bund, the exhibition celebrated the universal excellence of modern urban life by deepening the most modern concepts linked with Innovative Design and the City of the Future. Top brands coming from various industrial sectors – from furnituring to luxury automotive showcased their iconic Italian products. A series of lectures with designers, architects and art directors from all over the world along with events with local authorities made this three-day exhibition an incomparable occasion to share and spread Italian excellence and uniqueness.

Headquartered in Italy, Itema has a global presence with world-class production sites in Italy, in Switzerland and in China, along with commercial, after-sales and training centers in India, Japan, USA, Hong Kong China and Dubai. Itema is uniquely positioned by offering to textile manufacturers what is today considered the most complete product portfolio available on the market, providing the top three weft insertion technologies: rapier, airjet and projectile. Present in China since 2003, Itema branch in Shanghai features world-class production and assembly facilities, commercial, after-sales, administration and order desk teams, spare parts warehouse and logistics hub and a show room with all the latest Itema machines models.

Itema assembles the latest generation machinery in the world-class manufacturing sites both in Europe, as well as in China, with the same attention to detail and quality, reliability and performance guarantee that Itema Customers look for when they purchase Itema machines.

The only manufacturer in the weaving industry to adopt this future-oriented strategy, Itema firmly believes that Chinese and worldwide weavers always deserve the latest and most advanced technology available in the market.

Itema participated at IDI exhibiting two iconic products that perfectly portray the Company’s future-oriented and innovation driven approach: the iSAVER® and the R9500-2 Weft Transfer System.

Since ever rapier weaving technology implicates warp and weft waste formation at both fabric sides. But with iSAVER®, Itema changed the rules of the game. Unique in the industry, iSAVER® completely eliminates the waste selvedge on the left-hand side of the fabric, by allowing to insert the weft yarns into the fabric without the need of additional yarns avoiding the creation of the so called “waste selvedge”, a waste of fabric of at least 40mm per side. iSAVER® leads to substantially reducing the waste of raw materials, with tangible benefits in terms of loom efficiency, cost reduction and energy saving. Based on the latest and most advanced mechatronic principles, iSAVER® provides weavers with a highly innovative, yet intuitive and simple-to-operate device. Working with a motor that perfectly coordinates the clamps movement and programmable directly from the machine console, iSAVER® retains the fascination of discoveries that have made the history.

The R9500-2 New Generation Weft Transfer System, instead, is an historic key component of the Itema rapier loom that has been totally internally designed and developed at the very beginning of our history as rapier weaving machine manufacturer.

It is a patented invention and a distinguishing feature of our looms. The current version, is the final result of a continuous process of improvement and it clearly embodies our commitment not to be satisfied by our past achievements and our willing to do always better. In fact, the R9500-2 New Generation Weft Transfer System provides to our Customers a significant energy saving compared to its previous version.

As stated by Mr Lorenzo Maffioli, Itema China Managing Director, “At Itema, innovation is a state of mind. We tirelessly work to provide our Customers with the most advanced, futuristic weaving technology on the market to meet and exceed their expectations. Our future-oriented approach to Customers’ and to the market is even more on point this year, with the advertising campaign launched in 2019, with the title “Feel The Future”. IDI represents for Itema a high level stage to showcase the Itema best-in-class innovations and we are proud to be featured along with some of the most famous names of the Italian industry”.