ITEMA – “important patron for transformation of the Bangladesh weaving industry”

Interview with Itema’s Sales & Marketing Director, Christian Straubhaar, and Valentina Brignoli by  Textile Today, leading textile magazine in Bangladesh – partially reproduced below.  Read full article here

“In the financial year 2016-17 Bangladesh has exported woven garment equivalent to 14.39 billion USD. But most of the fabric required for this export is being imported. Bangladesh till now is lagging behind in weaving and woven processing infrastructure. The country requires building more weaving facilities to cater local export oriented garment industries. This will help in reducing apparel export lead time from Bangladesh. It will also save huge amount of foreign currency.

Itema is a ‘ISO 9001’ and ‘Green Label’ certified global provider of advanced and best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and integrated services. Itema and its Bangladeshi representative Pacific Associates Ltd. organized a seminar at Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel titled “Itema Innovation Roadshow in Dhaka” recently. The event took great attention of Bangladeshi weaving companies and personnels. In the technical session Itema introduced and presented Airjet Machine A9500 & A9500p and Rapier Machines R9500 & R9500terry with their technical superiorities.

Right before the seminar there was a discussion session between Christian Straubhaar, Sales & Marketing Director, Itema Group and Tareq Amin, Editor & Publisher of Textile Today. The Itema and Textile Today teams led by them discussed about many sharp topics like Bangladesh’s position in global textile industry including innovation, invention and developments of Itema Group.

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