Itema at ITMACH India 2017

Itema exhibits best-in-class weaving innovations


December 7 th – 10th, 2017

Hall 6 / Stand A33-34 & B1-2


Colzate (Italy) and Ahmedabad (India) – Itema, the largest privately-owned manufacturer of best-in-class weaving machines, spare parts and services, is exhibiting at ITMACH India (Hall 6 / A33-34 & B1-2) from December 7 th – 10th at The Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The Italian based Company is participating for the second time in a row at ITMACH, considering this event as the best opportunity to showcase its technological prowess and worldwide organization to the renowned Gujarat textile industry.

Gujarat is in fact one of the largest textile Regions in India and, more widely, in all Asia, with numerous textile manufacturing companies and with the biggest cotton production in the country.

Itema is present in India since 2002, counting more than 50 employees, with sales and after-sales teams, technical support and advanced repair centers in Mumbai, Coimbatore, New Dehli and Ichalkaranji to ensure the highest possible standard of weaving solutions, with a complete offering and service to its valuable Customers in the Indian market.

Itema is uniquely positioned to offer textile manufacturers the top three weft insertion technologies: Rapier, Airjet and Projectile, in what is the most comprehensive portfolio on the market today to weave the widest range of fabrics.

During the 2017 edition of ITMACH, Itema will exhibit its best-in-class airjet weaving machine A9500p, in an execution tailored to weave the most popular fabric in the basin, denim.

The Itema A9500p packed-full with the latest innovations tailored for the benefit of denim weavers will be exhibited during ITMACH 2017

Airjet weft insertion technology is the most diffused to weave denim, due to the highest possible production speed achievable. Especially when it comes to weaving simple denim fabric constructions, airjet machines ensure the best ratio between productivity and fabric quality.

Itema developed and implemented advanced technical innovations on its airjet machines to easily overcome this limit and to meet the growing trend of weaving stretch denim. Moreover, Itema patented and highly innovative solutions allow denim mills to benefit from a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The Itema airjet A9500p launched in the market in 2014, still inspires the curiosity and sparks the interest from real technology buffs and has already amassed important references in many segments, ranging from denim to medical fabrics.

What makes the Itema A9500p the most innovative airjet weaving machine in the market is a winning duo of crucial advantages: the highest production speed and the lowest power consumption in the market.

The popular recent trend to weave stretch and super stretch denim fabrics with dedicated weft yarns inspired Itema to create and patent the innovative BLC – Brush Lycra Clamp nozzle to weave elastic weft yarns. Thanks to the BLC nozzle, the weft is held without movable parts to ensure superior fabric quality and reliability. The device is simple and yet ingenious: the BLC is fixed into the main nozzle performing the valuable task of keeping the elastic weft yarn avoiding defects due to the continuous air flow.

The Itema iREED® – already a benchmark for the industry – significantly reduces the air consumption and guarantees a higher efficient weft insertion. The new reed tunnel shape and new position of the relay nozzle which optimize the air flow in the reed channel for a higher efficiency weft insertion. The saving is also due to a reduced air pressure and to the single hole relay nozzle, which, at the same time, greatly reduces the need for maintenance of your Itema airjet weaving machine.

Cost saving and superior fabric quality are the keywords of another important innovation available on the Itema A9500p: the double tandem nozzles. The double tandem nozzles guarantee a perfect distribution of the pushing force on the weft using lower air pressure, thus leading to multiple benefits: reduced stress on the yarn allowing top fabric quality and the possibility to weave with lower pressure ensuring energy saving.

The Itema A9500p, featuring these advanced and denim-dedicated devices, ensures the weaver the possibility to weave faster, producing better fabrics and with a smarter usage of resources and will be running live during the exhibition days for your direct experience.

To discover for yourself the Itema innovations and Customer dedication, make sure to visit the Company booth at ITMACH India, Hall 6 / A33-34 & B1-2.

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