The most reliable, the most popular and guaranteed technology on the market to boost the production of terry fabrics.

The Itema R95002terry has been developed to set a new benchmark in weaving Terry, with the aim to provide the market with a weaving machine which finally combines utmost quality and versatility with efficiency and usability of the machine.

1 Different Warp Tensions During Border Weaving

No limits to creativity thanks to the possibility of different warp tensions during border weaving, with simple and precise setting through the console.

5 SK Weft Transfer System

Perfect to weave the widest range of weft yarns. Maximum protection against wear

8 Optimized Pile Formation Unit

Excellent fabric quality thanks to the improved pile warp tension leading to both positive and negative control and peak tension reduction.

11 Best-in-class Loop Formation

The Itema Pile Back-Rest Roller ensures reduced tension on pile warp for improved fabric quality. The lightweight cylinders of the Ground Back-Rest Roller guarantee optimized ground tension.

7 Energy Saving

The machine lubrication system and main mechanical components have been optimized to guarantee a considerable energy consumption reduction

9 The Innovative Warp Stop Motion

Ensuring style change time reduction.

10 Enhanced Ergonomics and Ease of Use

The pile formation unit has been completely redesigned. It features a reduced number of cylinders leading to minimized settings and ensuring time saving and increased productivity.

12 Direct Drive Motor with Oil Cooling

The Itema R95002terry is equipped in its standard configuration with a direct drive motor with oil cooling which ensures a double valuable advantage: reduced maintenance and energy saving.

13 ACIMIT Green Label Certified

The ACIMIT Green Label Certification testifies on how the R95002terry is an environmentally friendly machine by meeting stringent parameters.


Monitoring the Itema weaving machines efficiency and performances has never been so easy. Thanks to the brand new Itema plant management software iMANAGER, the plant manager can easily control and access machines data and statistics from computer or portable devices.

3 Latest Generation Console

The weaver has a complete machine control through the latest generation, high-performance, super sensitive console which guarantees the highest reactivity and maximum reliability.

4 Increased Fabric Quality and Optimal Fabric Sides Tension

The Movable Fabric Support allows a constant and precise control of the fabric fell during the pile formation and beat-up, facilitating the loop formation and resulting in an increased fabric quality. The Temples, positioned above the fabric, ensure an optimized fabric sides tension.

6 Multiple Choice of Weft and Lateral Cutters

To meet all the weaving needs.