• All textile applications, such as shirting, wool, silk, furnishing, curtains, home textile, apparel and technical fabrics

R9500² Rapier Weaving Machine

The Itema absolute best-seller, the rapier R9500, comes to the market in its Second Generation. The most successful rapier machine in recent history has been further optimized to guarantee superior performances and top textile quality.

Always working on improving our Customers’ benefits and to make weavers’ life easier, we focused in implementing on the Itema R9500² key advancements that now make this machine the most energy efficient rapier weaving machine on the market while ensuring best-in-class textile performances and fabric quality.

Moreover, the R9500²—already renowned for its user-friendliness—has been further optimized to ensure the best user-experience ever.

Itema R9500²: no limit to the best.