Rapier Weaving Machine MAXIplus

Flexibility, consistent performace, reliability and outstandingly easy to use are the qualities that make MAXIplus the perfect machine for modern weaving.

Easy to run, MAXIplus is the epitome of continuous improvements that made possible the weaving of a range of numerous fabrics..

The MAXIplus distinguishing element is the weft transportation system that makes it possible to exchange between negative and positive rapier.

This characteristic is a guarantee of success in the weaving of different articles in terms of weight and density, and it makes it possible to reach a superior operating flexibility thanks to the simplification of the textile regulations.

It is especially appreciated to weave different textures in the clothing and furnishing sectors, but also in the agriculture and geotextile sectors, where its winning versatility can really be seen both for light and heavy technical fabrics. MAXIplus guarantees excellent results in terms of cost/performance and quick return on investment..

MAXIplus is also available in a various range of weaving widths, for example in nominal widths of 5500mm and 6200mm.

MAXIplus: an efficient partner for modern weaving.

1 Exclusive Positive and Negative Weft Transfer

Unique in the market, MAXIplus offers the advantage to have in a single weaving machine the best benefits of both the positive and the negative weft transfer. Unmatched Textile Flexibility and Top Productivity.

2 Exclusive Shed Geometry

The reduced shed opening dimension guarantees minimal warp peak of tension. Superior Fabric Quality.

3 Effective Weft Yarn Selector

The MAXIplus weft yarn selector has been designed to provide gentle yarns control with a reduced weft yarns peak. The Weft Yarn Selector features a movable cut specifically engineered to reduce the waste selvedge. Textile Efficiency and Waste Reduction.

4 Smart Weft Cutter

The MAXIplus weft cutter has been designed to reduce the waste selvedge. Moreover, in particular cases it is possible to completely eliminate the LHS waste selvedge. Cost Savings and Waste Reduction.

5 Direct Drive Technology

The direct drive motor ensures reduced maintenance and maximum user-friendliness. Reduced Maintenance and Enhanced Textile Settings.

6 Armotion Independent Motor for the Shedding Machine

Thanks to Armotion, the second motor for the dobby or the Jacquard, the set-up of the shed closing timing is electronically adjustable directly from the machine console and machine’s vibrations are significantly reduced. Time Saving and Enhanced Textile Efficiency.

7 User-friendly Machine Console

The machine console, featuring a wide, full color, touch screen, is intuitive and interactive providing the whole machine control. Maximum Ease of Use.

8 Remote Diagnostics

The advanced remote diagnostics system Site Manager represents a real time support for the weaver by allowing the Itematech technician to easily access the machine parameters no matter where it is installed in the world. Real Time Technical Support.